The PlayStation 4 experience is getting some notable upgrades.

A system update for the PlayStation 4 will roll out tomorrow, adding new features to Sony’s latest console. The company has sold more than 53.4 million PlayStation 4s since it launched in 2013. This includes the PlayStation 4 Pro, the updated version of the hardware that came out last year. System updates like this can improve the user experience and add features that players have requested.

The update will enable use of external hard drives through USB connections for storage. Before, you had to take part of your system apart and install a new hard drive is you wanted more storage space.

PlayStation 4 Pro owners will get Boost Mode. This will give PS4 games that weren’t designed with the Pro in mind a boost in performance from the updated console’s improved hardware. According to Sony, this could provide a framerate improvement or stability to many games.

The update also enables 3D Blu-ray viewing in PlayStation VR, and it will improve the quality of 2D images like the system’s home screen when using VR. Speaking of the home screen, you’ll be able to set an in-game screenshot as your background now. You’ll also be able to use voice chat with the Remote Play feature, which lets you stream your PS4 games to a computer.