Statik drove me nuts in a very short time. In this PlayStation VR game, your hands are trapped inside a box, and you have to give them out. It’s a puzzle game that takes brainpower and patience.

In some ways, it’s like you’re in a straitjacket, and you have to be Houdini. Your hands are inside a box that is like some strange contraption. You are sitting in a chair with a camera pointing at you, and an unhelpful scientist is observing you.

In the puzzle that I faced, it had different contraptions on three sides of the box. If I moved my hands in one direction, I could look at a different side of the box. The buttons and triggers and sticks on the controller made different things happen.

If you push a button on the controller, you may make something happen. I fiddled around with all the buttons and still had no clue what I needed to do. There was a cassette tape on one side with different slots for the cassette on either side.

Statik Institute of Retention is a PSVR game.

Above: Statik Institute of Retention is a PSVR game.

Image Credit: Sony/Tarsier Studios

The developer offered me a clue, saying the first clue was on the table. I looked at it and saw a pattern that I could replicate on one side of the box. I did that, and it freed up the cassette so that I could move it around on the other side of the box. Then I had to ask for help again, and again.

I finally got to play the cassette, and then I couldn’t really understand the message that it played back. It was another puzzle, and it drove me nuts. Still another puzzle: Why are these scientists in lab coats making me figure out a puzzle to get my hands out of a box?

When I solved one puzzle, with the developer’s help, the scientist made a smug remark, asking if I felt I deserved some kind of reward.

You can preorder the game today and it will be out in the middle of April. The game is being developer by Tarsier Studios in Sweden.