Skype is introducing an update to its Chrome browser extension, one that makes it easier to share call links across a number of communication conduits.

With the Chrome extension installed, users will now see a little Skype icon in Twitter’s tweet composition window, which, when clicked, adds a link for anyone to join in your call.

Twitter & Skype

Above: Twitter & Skype

Additionally, the new Chrome extension makes it easier to generate call links directly from within the web-based email clients Gmail, Google Inbox, and, as well as Google and Microsoft’s respective calendar applications.

The update is a minor move in the grand scheme of things, but it represents part of Microsoft’s growing push to make Skype as widely accessible as possible. Skype for Web finally¬†launched back in 2015, while earlier this month the new WebRTC Skype Linux app graduated from alpha¬†with a bunch of new features.