Overwatch’s next hero is set to make her debut.

Blizzard revealed today that the newest character for its team-based shooter is going live on March 21. Orisa is a tank, meaning she protect her team from damage. She’s a robot made by a young African inventor, and she can also use a gravity ball to move enemy players and a war drum to boost her allies’ damage.

Orisa is the third hero Blizzard has added to Overwatch since its release, following the sniper-healer Ana and the stealth-based hacker Sombra.

Overwatch became a big hit after releasing for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC last May. Since then, Blizzard has kept the game updated with free content like new heroes and maps. New heroes often bring the most excitement, since it gives players a new way to experience the game.

Along with the announcement, Blizzard released a video showing how it came up with Orisa’s design. You can watch it above.