GamesBeat is hiring.

The Reporter for GamesBeat helps set the tone of coverage for VentureBeat’s gaming channel, covering news about video games, video game publishers and developers, gadgets related to video games, startup news, reviews, and anything else that pertains to video games. The Reporter takes the lead in daily coverage, ensuring that our publication hits the day’s news and helping keep a steady flow of stories on the channel.

This is a temporary contract position, with the potential to grow into a full-time contract position. Compensation is an hourly rate plus approved expenses.

Coverage for GamesBeat

The Reporter will cover gaming — from small startups to big publishers such as Electronic Arts — for GamesBeat, writing pieces about all gaming platforms. This will include writing news articles, reviewing games, checking out early code for previews, and short and long features. They will also take meetings with developers and companies. They would report to the managing editor for GamesBeat. Please be available to work approximately 40 hours/week at our San Francisco headquarters, or if you prefer, you may work remotely.


  • 4-6 posts on GamesBeat/per day
  • Helping with each month’s reviews
  • Expanding coverage game tech
  • Participating in our events, helping to find speakers and panelists, and developing content
  • Staying on top of the major stories in gaming
  • Helping to grow our video presence on Twitch and YouTube

Experience and other requirements:

  • 2 years of reporting, either freelance or on staff of a publication
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Please send a cover letter, a resume, and three clips that show your reporting skills to

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