Nothing stops the Energizer bunny except for the threat of a liability lawsuit.

Energizer and accessory manufacturer PDP are recalling a gaming peripheral due to a potential burning hazard. The company is asking consumers to stop using the Energizer Xbox One 2x Smart Charger, which is a holster-and-battery-pack combo for Microsoft’s gamepads. The issue with the device is that it would overheat, and then when owners would go to pick it up, it could cause painful burns. Now, PDP is working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to get the charger off the market and out of people’s homes.

If you own one, check the label on the device, if it reads “Energizer” and 048-052-NA, then reach out to PDP for a refund of the full purchase price of $40.

PDP sold approximately 121,000 of the affected chargers, and it is recalling all of them. Retailers like GameStop and Best Buy stocked the Energizer 2x Smart Charger, but consumers should not return their devices to those stores. Instead, go through the official PDP refund site.



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