Mass Effect: Andromeda is a massive game (with some problems), and its developer is working on it right up until launch.

BioWare updated the game yesterday to fix a few glaring issues, and it’s planning to launch another major patch soon. The studio’s new sci-fi epic hits PC as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One tomorrow, and the game definitely has quite a few technical issues that could keep some players from fully enjoying the sprawling galaxy-exploration role-playing simulator. For now, however, BioWare has at least addressed a handful of the most pressing problems.

In a tweet to Mass Effect fans, Andromeda producer Fernando Melo confirmed that the update fixes a problem with PC-part manufacturer Corsair’s Windows utility app. The patch also corrected some glitched audio and F-key malfunctions in multiplayer. BioWare has eliminated a bug where players would get a sudden black screen during the transition to dialogue.

Other problems still remain. Since this patch, I’ve still noticed characters freezing, and I was able to reach a part of a map before the scripting was ready for me. My character’s hair once didn’t load as well.

Squashing all of the bugs in such a huge game is certainly challenging, but it’s also often crucial to a smooth experience for players. Melo promised the next update for mass Effect: Andromeda is still in the works and is coming soon. BioWare expects to launch it either later today or on launch day.

Patches are also rolling out to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — although Andromeda reportedly has fewer technical hiccups on non-PC platforms.