I’m starting to get the weird feeling that Rockstar Games isn’t going to port Red Dead Redemption to PC. Guess it’s up to the fans to do so.

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best-selling games ever made, and its popularity — especially on PC — means that modders and community creators will try to do some wacky things with it. One group is modding in all of Red Dead Redemption into Rockstar’s open-world crime game. Red Dead Redemption, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 cowboy simulator, has never come to PC, and that has always upset Rockstar fans who prefer the more powerful platform. But as Dr. Ian Malcolm always says, “life finds a way.”

Red Dead Redemption V is a new work-in-progress mod for GTA V that its creators (many of the people who run the GTA Mods message boards on GTAForums.com) plan to roll out later this year. The community team putting this together is using a special toolkit called .White that enables modders to bring other Rockstar games based on the company’s Rage game-development engine into GTA V.

“Our goal is to bring you the full map with additional content which will be unveiled later on,” modder Jestic explained in a post. “The framework is all there, we are constantly finetuning the methods we use to convert the game. .White aims to get as close to the original as possible. Out of all the other Rage games released before GTA5, RDR is the toughest one to crack, so please be patient.”

The mod team wants to launch the first version of RDRV this summer, and it’s working on editing together a teaser trailer to show off its work so far.

An early teaser of RDRV.

Above: An early teaser of RDRV.

Image Credit: GTAForums

While the project is coming together right now, the key modders have spent the last four years working on this in concept. Most of that went into building up the .White tools, but now RDRV developer — known as Mr. Leisurewear on the GTAForums — explained why everything is coming together now.

“We wanted it also be timed right,” Mr. Leisurewear told GamesBeat. “But, for the main part, it has to do with the maturity of the whole framework. It’s at a point right now where I only need to change few things in order to get everything over so I guess it’s because of that and also, who likes to wait?”