The newly created Adobe Experience Cloud and other marketing products may be getting a new way to map and track the customer experience.

Powered by Adobe’s Sensei AI, Journey is a conceptual service for Marketing Cloud that maps customer interaction with a brand, tracks customer activity across channels, and offers insights into high- or low-performing customer experiences.

“With Journey and natural language processing, the system will be able to go through and evaluate the factors contributing to whether people are getting through the process you outlined for them and then [put] into very simple terms and plain English why it looks like people are not continuing on with that journey,” Adobe senior director of product Steve Hammond told VentureBeat in a phone interview.

Adobe Journey AI (4)

The Journey AI project was made by senior product manager Stephanie Au and group product manager Ben Gaines. Journey will be presented today at Sneaks, a showcase of proof of concept projects and ideas created by Adobe employees. Hammond worked with Au and Gaines on Journey for more than a year, he said.

Other Sneaks ideas to be shared on stage at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas today include ad placement in VR environments, voice interactions to help brands engage in voice channels, and personalized dynamic content creation.

“The orchestration component is being able to map out the campaign journey through all the channels that your brand interacts with your consumers through,” Hammond said. “It’s a way to be able to orchestrate what that experience will look like across all the different touch points.”

Already more than a decade old, Sneaks is an internal Adobe program for innovative employee ideas. About six in 10 ideas presented at Sneaks showcases over the years make their way into Adobe products.

“We do see journey analysis — it’s on the radar and it’s something that we’re looking at for road map and commitment,” he said. “It’s a proof of concept, but somewhere between… I would guess for the journey orchestration, it’s somewhere between six and 15 months.”

On Monday, Adobe unveiled its Experience Cloud, drawing on marketing, advertising, and analytics clouds to put all the elements needed to manage marketing campaigns into a single product.