Titanfall 2 is returning to the colonial times of the original game.

Developer Respawn revealed today that it is launching its next free downloadable-content pack March 30 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This new DLC, called Colony Reborn, will take players back to the Colony map from the original Titanfall. Respawn and publisher Electronic Arts have kept a steady stream of new maps and content flowing into Titanfall 2 in an effort to keep players engaged and coming back, which could increase the likelihood that those fans will spend money on cosmetic microtransactions.

Colony Reborn, however, is more than just a new map. Respawn is also adding a new animation for executing enemy pilots and a new R-101 carbine weapon. To go along with this free content, Titanfall 2 is also getting new skins, camos, callsigns, and other cosmetic items that players can spend real money on. Highlights here include new looks for the Northstar and Legion titans.

As part of the Colony Reborn launch, Respawn will invite anyone to try the game. Starting March 30, players can download and play the game for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the EA Origin PC gaming service. This trial period will run through April 3. As part of this demo, you can play multiplayer and The Beacon level from the excellent Titanfall 2 single-player campaign.

For players who already own the game, however, Respawn wants to get you back in to enjoy Colony Reborn with a Double XP event that also runs March 30 through April 3. In any multiplayer mode, you can earn twice the normal amount of experience points for upgrading your character, weapons, and titan. The developer is also introducing a Colony 24/7 playlist where you can get in and immediately enjoy the map without having to first play through other maps.