It turns out creating your own online kingdom can be as easy as dragging and dropping some blocks

ArtCraft Entertainment released a new video showing how players can create their own worlds in its upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game for PC, Crowfall. It had one of Kickstarter’s most successful crowdfunding campaigns for a game, raising $1,766,204 in 2015.

While most MMOs take place in static worlds that players can only interact with minimally, Crowfall promises an online experience that players can shape, change, and destroy. This could help it stand out and attract players outside of the usual MMO base, which typically play games that follow the World of Warcraft model where players spend time completing quest by themselves or fighting through dungeons with other players. Even MMOs that promise to give players the chance to create within the online worlds offer little outside of player housing, while Crowfall lets you create entire lands and towns and then govern them.

Crowfall will have two types of locations: Campaign Worlds that exist for a limited time and Eternal Kingdoms, lands that players create themselves with last forever. The new video shows how players will create Eternal Kingdoms with simple building mechanics. Players can act as monarchs for these areas, allowing them to design the worlds and even set up laws for their lands, like taking taxes from others or allowing player-vs.-player fighting inside their boundaries.