PlayStation 4 Witchers are getting their first look at standalone Gwent.

CD Projekt Red announced today that a technical beta for its digital card game will start for PlayStation 4 on March 31 at 11 a.m. Pacific. It will end on April 3 at 1 a.m. Pacific.  This will help the developer test for bugs and technical issues on the platform and help build excitement for the card game on a new platform.

Research firm SuperData expects the whole digital card game market to earn $1.4 billion in 2017. Hearthstone is the industry leader, but Gwent could give it some competition when it officially releases. Hearthstone does not have any versions available for consoles, which could give Gwent a chance to take advantage of a different market.

Gwent started life as a minigame inside The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, an open-world role-playing game that CD Projekt Red released in 2015. Now, the digital card game is becoming a standalone, free-to-play title.

Gwent has been in closed beta for Xbox One and PC. Unlike the ongoing closed betas for Xbox One and PC, the PlayStation 4 beta is only running for one weekend.

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