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We hardly have to tell you that in order to grow your business, remain competitive, and keep your doors open, you must be embracing digital transformation. But how you go about it is another thing entirely, and will impact any success you’ve been reaching for.

We live in a world in which it’s not unrealistic for a freshly launched startup, run by a couple of millennial brains in hoodies, to change the market you’ve been gaining traction in for years, right alongside fellow corporations. And overnight, no less.

We may be slightly overstating the point here, but deep down it’s a pretty common nightmare for corporate heads out there; how to keep up with smaller, younger, and faster-paced startups? How do you keep ahead of your digital game? How do you transform all levels of your organization to better fit a constantly-evolving digital world?

Any corporation now has (or is well-aware it should have) an innovation lab, a corporate accelerator, a digital transformation squad — you name it. All that is great, but what next? None of this will make you a startup, nor make you act like one. There are still 50,000+ heads in your company, nicely organized into departments, properly trained to follow processes that have been in place for years.

One of the main challenges corporations face today is learning how to take digital initiatives that can transform the core and not just offer a short-term fix. There are ways to transform your company digitally that fit the size, culture, history, and the associated constraints of your business.

There’s no secret sauce or a one-size-fits-all solution, but there are best practices: some of the world’s top industry experts will be sharing theirs during an exclusive online conference on digital transformation — Transform With The Best taking place April 5.

From a people’s perspective and how to make your 200,000 staff embrace digital culture, or how to leverage employees to drive innovation, to building your own startup within a multi-billion dollar company — successful CTOs, CIOs, and Chiefs of Innovation of top-tier companies will be sharing their own struggles and concrete innovating practices live with you.

There will be 20 talks that can inspire you and help you understand what your priority should be: learn how to launch and fail faster, change mindsets internally, focus on understanding emerging tech and their impact on your customers’ habits and expectations, build an ecosystem of external talent to partner with, and more.

These are exciting times to be in business. There is a wealth of new technologies that can connect forward-thinking enterprises with untapped markets. One expert on the topic is Sanjay Macwan, former SVP and CTO of NBC Universal, who has driven innovation in the entertainment industry by leveraging new tech to offer audiences a better experience.

“The first [objective] is to make sure we are proactively understanding how technologies are evolving and how to exploit them to create new, richer user experiences,” says Macwan. “One of the key things is to look at how consumers consume our content and what their expectations are. We say there are five ‘anys’ of expectation among consumers. They expect any content, anytime, anywhere, on any device and by any means necessary. How do we fulfill those expectations?”

Macwan will be hosting a session at the online conference, Transform With The Best on April 5, covering the four principles of corporate innovations and the role of employees.

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