Saints are moving over for agents.

Volition released a new trailer for its open-world action game, Agents of Mayhem. The developer also revealed that the Saints Row spinoff will come out August 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Volition has sold more than 13 million copies of the games in the Saints Row series.

Agents of Mayhem has players switching between different characters with unique abilities in a near future version of Seoul.

“Explore the city of Seoul with a diverse cast of twelve interchangeable agents that you can assemble into squads of three, each with their own distinct look, sense of humor, weapons, and skillset,” Volition described in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “Players can build and customize their squads however they choose, switching from Daisy, a mini-gun wielding, beer-swigging, foul-mouthed roller derby girl, to Rama, an immunologist with a futuristic bow firing energy arrows, to Red Card, a lovable but psychotic German soccer hooligan with a temper that can literally clear a crowd.”

The Saints Row games had a reputation for crude humor and over-the-top action. The last entry in the series, Saints Row IV, came out in 2013. Its Gat Out of Hell standalone expansion released in 2015, and it featured characters that are now starring in Agents of Mayhem.