STALKER is one of those secret best games of all time. It has a small-but-adoring group of fans who will praise it any time its name or any game like it comes up. Now, STALKER is getting a modern facelift thanks to Crytek’s game-making tools.

A group of fans are rebuilding the classic, systems-based shooter in Cryengine, and the results are impressive. In a pair of videos posted by the Achieved With Cryengine YouTube account, you can see the open-world survival-horror action looking crisper and cleaner than the 2007 original.

In one of the clips, the player is running through a wheat field and a marsh trying to avoid irradiated monsters. But while the videos show that the core gameplay has carried over, Cryengine enables more realistic visuals. Textures, grass, water, and reflections all make STALKER pop like it never did in the original PC game.

I’ve reached out to the Achieved With Cryengine account, which says it is taking donations through a PayPal link for people who want to see more of this kind of stuff. I’ve asked if a full STALKER fan remake is in the works, and I’ll update this story with any new information.