Splatoon 2 will have more than a competitive multiplayer.

Nintendo revealed today that its ink-based shooter (no bullets here) launches July 21 alongside three new Amiibo figures. It will also introduce a cooperative four-player horde mode called Salmon Run, where players will team up to take on waves of enemies. Your team must collect special golden eggs and bank them all in the name of their corporate overlord, Grizzco Industries, to win.

Nintendo is promising that Salmon Run will give players “fresh” rewards for participation. This likely means you’ll get clothing, weapons, and other gear that will only be in this mode.

The publisher revealed that it will have three new Splatoon Amiibo interactive toys at the same time. Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, and the Squid are all getting updated versions for the sequel. You can use those to dress up your characters, take selfies, and share images on social media.

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