What kind of a game do you think legendary rocker Alice Cooper would star in? Something to do with music? Nope! It’s about scooping up birds.

Scoop’n Birds is out today for the Nintendo 3DS. You work in a pet store and flinging feathered critters at customers. Nintendo’s site promises “true-to-life scoop physics that perfectly simulate what it’s like to work for a crazy person at a bird store.”

Alice Cooper is that crazy person, and he stars as your boss. Tim Winsky, of developer Twinksy Games, told GamesBeat in an email that he met Cooper randomly at church.

“So I’m sitting in church when I notice, two pews behind me, was rock star Alice Cooper,” Winsky told GamesBeat. “Without all the makeup of course. Still, I was pretty surprised. Two years later, and our team just released a quirky 3DS game featuring his character.”

Alice Cooper’s music often appears in gaming, notably as playable tracks in the Guitar Hero series. But this is his first time starring in a game.

So, yeah, the Switch may be the hot Nintendo system right now, but how many games does it have where you scoop up birds while working at Alice Cooper’s pet store? None.

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