A two-person team is about to launch a gorgeous game that shows off the power of Nvidia’s development tools.

Reset is an atmospheric exploration-puzzler from developer Theory Interactive, and it’s launching for PC this summer. The studio has launched a new 13-minute gameplay video that highlights its world and certain Nvidia technologies that will bring its visual style to life. In Reset, you control a robot on what looks like an abandoned island. You explore this setting alongside other, computer-controlled machines.

Players interact with the physics of the world both on land and underwater, and that’s where Nvidia’s tools are coming into effect. Theory Interactive built a proprietary engine called Praxis to help it develop Reset, but that system incorporates PhysX and WaveWorks from Nvidia’s GameWorks SDK.

PhysX is Nvidia’s physics-simulation platform that uses the computing power both CPUs and GPUs to enable more realistic interactions with objects in a game world. WaveWorks, meanwhile, is Nvidia’s tool that promises “cinematic-quality ocean simulation.” This enables an interactive, living body of water that will push and pull against objects with varying energy depending on the motion of the ocean.

Reset won’t have you manning a sea vessel, but its ocean should still have an effect on your character whenever it jumps into the water.

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