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“Chatbots are not new,” says Tony Jamous, president of Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform. “What’s new is now you have maturity of AI technology, in terms of big data and natural language processing and machine learning, and it’s becoming increasingly accessible.”

Pair that with the consumer demand for companies to offer messaging as a point of contact, and it’s a confluence of trends and technology that will not only transform how customer service functions, but the customer relationship itself.

“With chatbots, companies not only augment the capability of their agents and reduce their workload, but also they create much better user experiences,” Jamous says. “You can leverage the existing data that you have — recording data, customer records, history of customer interactions — and use that data to anticipate the needs of your customers and delight your customers with a much more personalized experience.”

And now any company can harness AI solutions, Jamous says.

“With the ability of platforms like Vonage, you can build and iterate fast,” says Jamous. “You can scale fast. You don’t need to spend millions of dollars and years to build a chatbot. You can do it in hours. You can do A/B testing and learn very fast from the data and improve.”

It’s a simple matter of integrating a messaging technology and an AI platform, he says — and not only is he very serious about the “simple” part, he also has excellent news on the cost front.

“Matching up these technologies is not as complicated as it was before, because you’re using two mature platforms on which millions of services are being built,” he explains. “Take a messaging API and combine that with a free artificial intelligence platform, for instance the Google AI platform, or very quickly spin up an Amazon machining learning instance, and it costs you peanuts to get started.”

“We’ve seen so many of our customers build their first corporate chatbot in a day,” he adds.

But, he continues, there’s one caveat: don’t lose the human element in your rush to automate your customer service and save a ton of cash on personnel costs.

“If you put in place a chatbot and you don’t give the customer or user the opportunity to escalate to a human being, then that’s a mistake” Jamous explains. “Artificial intelligence cannot predict all the ranges of issues that your customers will have, so always give the user the option to decide whether they want to interact with an artificial intelligence or with a human being at any point in the conversation.”

Because while AI has matured tremendously, it hasn’t replaced humans yet — it’s just made their jobs easier, your customers happier, and given you a competitive edge.

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