Ubisoft is giving wannabe hackers a new reason to return to San Francisco.

The publisher released the No Compromise downloadable content pack for its open world hacking game Watch Dogs 2 for PlayStation 4 today (Xbox One and PC players will have to wait until May 18). No Compromise is the third part of the game’s $40 Season Pass. It’ll cost you $10 separately. Developers use season passes and DLC packs as a way to keep players engaged months after a game’s release — or bring them back after they stopped playing.

While critics thought Watch Dogs 2 was better than its grim predecessor, sales have been underwhelming. No Compromise follows yesterday’s free April update, which also added new content. PC players, in particular, seemed excited for it.

In addition to adding new weapons and clothing for vigilante hero Marcus Holloway, No Compromise includes a new story mission about a corrupt adult film studio. Naturally, that gives you the opportunity to take control of an alien sex robot with pink tentacles.