The biggest video game news out of the weekend’s Star Wars Celebration is the upcoming Battlefront II, which builds on the first by adding a story mode to its multiplayer Stormtrooper-blasting fun.

But hidden in all the excitement about this reveal is that Criterion, which worked on Battlefront’s PSVR mission, is also working on the PlayStation 4 version of EA’s first-person shooter.

Star Wars feels like an ideal fit for VR — especially if you put players in the cockpit of starfighters like the Rebel’s X-wing or the Imperial TIE fighter. The first PSVR mission, though, felt more like an experiment, not a fleshed-out experience. It’ll be interesting to see how Criterion handles this second stab at Star Wars in VR.

But this also shows two key components to sustaining a VR platform — key exclusives and big properties. One reason Nintendo can sustain itself is that its biggest properties are on its platforms, and those exclusives still sell well even if Nintendo’s consoles are far behind the player base we see for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Heck, Super Mario Run got mammoth downloads when it was an iOS exclusive, showing the thirst for Nintendo properties on mobile.

Will a new Star Wars VR experience lead to more sales of PSVR helmets? If Criterion can hone in on what makes Star Wars so special and find a way to distill it into VR, it could help Sony be the top platform for the shooter this fall.

—Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

P.S.: Super HyperCube remains on of VR’s best games — see how Jeff Grubb shows GamesBeat how to master it.

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