Look out Steam, because Annie’s got a gun.

Today, Natsume and Natsume Atari announced a PC release for Wild Guns Reloaded. Reloaded will hit Steam later this yer, and it will also be shown off at E3 in June. Natsume joins other Japanese developers — including Sega and its recent Bayonetta announcement — in bringing their games to a PC audience as console sales continue to decline in the region. Even Sony has shifted its gaming focus away from its home country.

“Not only is this the first time a Wild Guns game will be available on PC platform, but this is also the first PC launch for Natsume,” said Hiro Maekawa, president & CEO of Natsume, in a press release. “We are proud to bring this classic and beloved franchise to a whole new community of players, and know that they will embrace it just as Nintendo and Sony players have over the years.”

Wild Guns Reloaded has eight stages, two additional characters, and four-player play. It will also have online rankings. Nastume revived the franchise last year when the Reloaded version came out on PS4.

This isn’t the first Natsume property the company planned to bring to PC, however. In 2015, the company announced Harvest Moon would make its first PC appearance, a release that today Nastume confirmed to GamesBeat is on hold.