Before the series went polygonal with Grand Theft Auto III, the earlier games featured a top-down camera for all of its open-world crime action. Now, that perspective is returning for one of the modes in GTA V’s online mode.

GTA: Online’s Tiny Racers update brings a top-down camera point-of-view to the the stunt races in this connected multiplayer world. Tiny Racers goes live in the game April 25, and by giving you the throwback camera option, developer Rockstar Games is clearly going for retry-style action similar to something like Micro Machines, Monaco GP, or Super Off-Road.

This is the latest in a series of updates Rockstar has made to GTA: Online. The mode has turned into a consistent revenue generator for the developer, and it’s content patches like Tiny Racers that keeps players engaged and spending real-world money on the game’s virtual currency. But novelties like the return of the top-down camera to GTA is something that could even attract people who never spent much time with the online mode.

Hell, I may even boot it up, but I don’t expect the Tiny Racers mode to live up to the car-hopping action of Bump N’ Jump.