Call of Duty is going back to World War II, and to no one’s surprise, this means you’ll have the chance to take on waves of undead Nazi soldiers.

Publisher Activision and its Sledgehammer Games studio unveiled Call of Duty: World War II today. The game is due to launch in November (unless World War III starts before then), and it will have players experiencing the European theater of war in the single-player campaign. But Sledgehammer also confirmed that Nazi Zombies will return to the series. This is the cooperative mode where squads of players can team up to take on hordes of enemies, which are typically various animated corpses of people.

Sledgehammer didn’t reveal any details beyond the mode’s inclusion in WWII and a piece of art. Here’s a look at one of Hitler’s men:

Zombies is an especially popular part of most recent Call of Duty games. It started in Teryarch’s Call of Duty: World At War, and it returned in Treyarch’s followups including Black Ops, Black Ops II, and Black Ops III. Infinity Ward, the studio that created Call of Duty, finally began including this mode in its games with last year’s Infinite Warfare. Zombies now sits alongside the campaign and multiplayer as a major reason that Call of Duty is regularly one of the top-selling games of the year.