Razer claims that its new mouse outperforms “every other wireless gaming mouse” on the market, and it is positioning this new device at the high end of the price spectrum as well as a viable option for pro gamers.

The company is launching the Lancehead and Lancehead Tournament Edition gaming mice today for $140 and $80, respectively. The Lancehead is a wireless mouse that uses what Razer is calling “Adaptive Frequency Technology,” where the radio receiver jumps from channel to channel depending on interference. The company claims this is different from other wireless mice because it does this channel switching without lag or information loss. It also uses a laser sensor. The Tournament Edition is the wired variation of this mouse that uses an optical sensor. Both devices, however, use the same body and the mechanical mouse switches that Razer designed in cooperation with Omron.

The Lancehead is not an entirely new redesign of the mouse for Razer. The company is using its popular (and excellent) DeathAdder Elite as a reference point. The biggest difference in terms of the shape of the Lancehead and the DeathAdder is that the former will work the same with either left-handed or right-handed people.

The company also announced today that it is planning to launch Razer Synapse Pro, which is an upgraded version of its hardware-configuration software. This improved software now enables players to save their personalized settings for their Razer devices to the cloud and to certain devices themselves. The Lancehead, for example, has its own on-board storage that will ensure that it works exactly how you set it up on your home PC even when you hit the road or try to use it on a PC without an internet connection.

Razer Synapse Pro is launching into beta soon, and players who get the Lancehead will get an invite to participate in the testing of that software.