Conan O’Brien doesn’t know anything about video games, so Oculus showed up to his studio on tonight’s episode of Conan to give him a look at one of the latest big releases for the Rift virtual reality headset.

In the latest installment of his Clueless Gamer series, Conan tried out Wilson’s Heart. This is a black-and-white horror game that has players interacting with a moody black-and-white world. Like most recent Rift releases, it fully supports both the Rift headset and the positionally tracked motion Touch controllers. This enables Conan to both look around the world as if he’s really there while also reaching out to grab things. Having your hands in VR is one of the keys to immersion — although Conan disagrees with how Wilson’s Heart uses that technology to immerse him.

“All of VR is going to take us to virtual reality sex,” Conan explains in the intro of his video. “That’s the point of VR. So I assume I’ll be having sex today.”

Unfortunately for Conan, Wilson’s Heart is not quite as much about “getting it on” as he is hoping.

Check out Conan’s VR adventures right here: