LivePerson has created a platform for monitoring the customer conversations carried out by both humans and bots on platforms like Chatfuel and IBM Watson.

Called LiveEngage for Bots, the platform manages third-party bots together with customer service agents talking to customers in live chat.

Above: LiveEngage for Bots dashboard

Following the launch last year of bots for the company’s live chat platform, LiveEngage, LivePerson has increased its presence on platforms like Inside Apps and Facebook Messenger.

Last year was the first time the company built on live chat with humans since it first started to provide bots for its customers in the 1990s. Though bots are used initially, trip words automatically route some conversations away from bots to human agents to help customers complete tasks like paying a bill, changing account settings, or handling 60 to 70 other business processes in a customer service environment.

“We have triggers on the platform that can basically bring a human in. We call that the tango,” CEO Rob LoCascio told VentureBeat in a phone interview. “We want to show that sometimes the way a bot responds is not always appropriate, and we’re capturing that from consumer sentiment.”

At some companies using LiveEngage on Bots, for example, whenever someone sends a bot a “WTF?” message, a human is automatically called in to take over the conversation.

Features like sentiment analysis to identify positive and negative encounters and text analysis will also be part of LiveEngage for Bots.

LivePerson reported $56.1 million in revenue in Q4 2016, down 5 percent from the same quarter in the prior year. The company is headquartered in New York City and has more than 1,000 employees in nine cities, including San Francisco, London, Tel Aviv, and Atlanta.