Playful is launching its open-world sandbox game Creativerse on May 8 in a move that will bring it into market that Minecraft dominates.

The McKinney, Texas-based Playful already has 2.6 million players from the Steam Early Access phase of the building and adventure title. The final version launches Thursday on the Windows PC and Mac. Minecraft, its competitor, has sold 122 million copies and has 55 million monthly active players.

More than two years ago, Creativerse quietly debuted on Steam in the Early Access program, a business model that enables a game studio to sell their produce in an unfinished state while collecting feedback from players and adding new content and mechanics. Since then, Creativerse has grown by hundreds of thousands of players thanks to word of mouth.

Now, Playful is officially launching Creativerse as a complete experience, opening the doors to an even bigger audience, and all while development continues.

Creativerse is a massively multiplayer sandbox adventure. It has a gigantic open world of breathtaking vistas, treacherous catacombs, strange, quirky creatures, and other surprises.

“The response to Creativerse has been staggering, given our under-the-radar strategy for marketing during Early Access,” said Paul Bettner, founder and CEO of Playful, in a statement. “It shows people are hungry for this type of game, one that makes it delightful and easy for anyone to build anything they can imagine. And it’s really gratifying to see how much our players enjoy being involved in the development process, as their feedback was invaluable in making the game what it is today.”

Like in rival Minecraft, players can use materials, tools, and customization options for shaping their world, including intuitive crafting, a catalog of blocks and decorative pieces, and step-by-step guided blueprints to help players get started.

Additional features include a simplified multiplayer experience that makes it easy to connect with friends in a private world, or find new friends in a public world. Early Access players have been particularly excited about the player-published adventure feature that allows them to share their creations with millions of other Creativerse players.

While some games launching from Early Access stop receiving updates, this will not be the case for Creativerse. The studio has ambitious plans, such as tools to making building quicker and easier, more customization options, tinkering with game mechanics, and better sharing of player-created content. The studio plans to sometime add an in-game marketplace where players can make real money from their work.

“If there’s one thing our players have taught us, it’s that their imagination and creative talent is as vast as the universe,” said Daniel Havens, Creativerse’s game director, in a statement. “The best thing we can do for them is continue providing more tools to unleash that creativity.”