Amazon is making its kid-friendly FreeTime service more accessible by no longer limiting it to Fire or Kindle devices. The company is now opening FreeTime up to any Android phone or tablet — users need only download an app to get access to the more than 40,000 YouTube videos, websites, and content currently available in FreeTime’s catalog, along with parental controls.

Aimed specifically at children between the ages of three and 12, Amazon FreeTime provides suitable content that’s both educational and entertaining while also easing the minds of parents who worry about what shenanigans their kids could get into when using their smartphone or tablet. Kurt Beidler, the company’s director of kids and family, once told VentureBeat that the goal is to “help kids be independent, play, explore, and learn without help from their parents.” Amazon believes that caretakers will value the peace of mind of knowing that their children won’t be exposed to violence, inappropriate content, or excessive screen time when using FreeTime.

More than 10 million kids have currently signed up for the service, which previously was available on Amazon’s Fire tablets, Kindle e-readers, and on the Fire TV.

The expansion into other Android devices comes weeks after the company launched a parental dashboard and discussion cards to encourage conversation with children about what they’re reading, watching, and learning. But while it’s more accessible now, FreeTime is still limited to the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Those with existing subscriptions to Amazon FreeTime’s premium service can access their account on Android devices for free.