Rovio isn’t all about Angry Birds. The Finnish game publisher is releasing its Battle Bay mobile game today on iOS and Android.

The Espoo, Finland-based company has created a real-time 5-versus-5 team multiplayer game that takes place on the seas. In this game, the seas have risen, and the characters of Battle Bay are fighting for survival. Players challenge opposing teams in a last-boat-floating, real-time multiplayer showdown.

Above: Rovio’s Battle Bay

Image Credit: Rovio

Players can customize their ships and chat with other team members via an in-game communication system. For Rovio, Battle Bay is the company’s first real-time competitive multiplayer game, its first game entirely in 3D third person perspective, and the first time showing the Battle Bay property.

“We are excited to announce Battle Bay, Rovio´s brand-new IP, that is a result of years of efforts from our fantastic team,” said Wilhelm Taht, executive vice president of Games at Rovio Entertainment, in a statement. “We are proud to offer this level of multiplayer, action packed gaming experience to a wide range of gamers globally. “