Star Wars has become a bankable brand on mobile.

Electronic Arts revealed today that the mobile role-playing game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes boasts average play times of 162 minutes a day. This info came as part of EA’s Q4 and full fiscal year 2017 earnings report, which boasts record net sales and operating cash flow thanks largely to digital revenue streams that come from games like Galaxy of Heroes.

That is a high level of engagement. According to Vetro Analytics, the average mobile user spends 24 minutes a day playing games on their device. For a free-to-play app like Galaxy of Heroes, having users play the game regularly and for long stretches of time make them more likely to spend money on microtransactions.

Galaxy of Heroes launched in 2015, but it is still the No. 70 ranked game in Apple App Store, according to App Annie. The game has players collecting Star Wars characters (which you can buy) and engaging in turn-based battles. It’s competing favorably with the new Star Wars: Force Arena, the player-vs.-player hero game that came out earlier this year that plays more like Clash Royale.

For the fiscal year 2017, digital sales made up 61 percent of EA’s net sales with $3.034 billion. This is up 20 percent year over year.