Blizzard has found that regular content updates are a smart way of keeping players engaged with their games, and the tactic is working when it comes to the studio’s blockbuster shooter.

Overwatch, the megapopular class-based team shooter, ended its Uprising event on May 1, and now Blizzard is sharing some statistics about just how much fans played through the one-time add-on. Overwatch players ran through Uprising more than 145.5 million times collectively across PC and consoles. The heroes team won more than 67 million times, and they destroyed 8.5 billion robot enemies in the process.

Uprising, of course, was a four-player cooperative mode where teams fought off waves of the cybernetic Omnics. The event retells a piece of Overwatch lore about the robots fighting back in a concerted effort against the humans, and it’s up to you to suppress that insurrection.

Players also almost never survived Uprising on its highest difficulties. Only 0.6 percent of teams beat the Omnics on the legendary difficulty level for the standard version of Uprising (with a set group of heroes). Even in the all-characters version of Uprising, players were only able to conquer legendary 1-out-of-100 times.

You can see that data and a lot more in an infographic that Blizzard shared to its blog today. I’ve embedded it below, and you can see who were the most successful heroes and just how lusty players were for that new Genji skin. Check it out: