After weeks of teasing, Sega finally confirmed that it is bringing one of developer Platinum’s best games to the PC.

Vanquish is coming to PC on May 25. Gamers can pick up the 2010 sci-fi action shooter on Steam for $20, just like they could with Platinum Games’ Bayonetta last month. With Vanquish, Platinum explored the cover-based shooter genre that was popular on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 thanks to games like Gears of War. But the Japanese studio added its own spin with jump jets that enabled the characters to slide across the levels and from point to point in a thrilling way.

Also like Bayonetta on PC, Vanquish is getting updated to look and run better. Sega and Platinum have upgraded the textures, so that they look cleaner at higher resolutions. The companies have also unlocked the framerate so that you can take full advantage of modern hardware on this seven-year-old game.

Bayonetta’s PC release definitely pleased many fans with how well it runs on even moderately powered systems, and I’m definitely looking forward to trying this out at 4K and 60 frames per second.

Finally, to encourage Platinum fans to pick up both games, Sega is cutting the price of Vanquish by $5 for anyone who also buys Bayonetta.