Last month, I (GamesBeat PC editor Jeffrey Grubb) started my quest to get a perfect first-place finish on every 200cc cup in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch, and my mission has hit an impasse.

So far, I’ve beaten the Mushroom and Shell cups (you can see those triumphs in the playlist below), but now I am stuck on the four races in the Flower cup. The worst thing is that I actually did get a perfect finish on these races, but I wasn’t recording at the time because I was … indisposed (read: I was pooping). I’m going to have to set up a video-capture station in my master bathroom so this never happens again.

But I’m not going to skip over the Flower Cup for this series, so click play on the video above to see if I get through it this time. And feel free to catch up on previous episodes right here:

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