No matter how shiny it is, if your mobile app doesn’t start up in five seconds, you’ll start to churn players. Join this VB Live event for a deep dive into best practices, including balancing rich content and speed, optimizing load time, and more. Don’t miss out!

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A responsive mobile website — that’s do or die. But an app is some next-level action. You get your hands on all the features a smartphone can deliver — geo-awareness, more sophisticated touchscreen applications, the camera, the gyroscope, and more — and you’re delivering a precisely customized, personalized experience.

And yet.

When something hitches on your mobile site and isn’t loading, your user might blame their wireless connection or their cell signal. But when your app isn’t up to speed, your customer is going to lay the blame right where it belongs.

Mobile app success is inextricably tied to performance, and there’s no cutting the cord. Consumers expect to get exactly what they want, exactly when they want it. A slow-loading app hurts your brand image. It gets your app deleted. It directly impacts your ratings. And sales and revenue will follow your user out the door.

How slow is too slow? Increasingly, even just fractions of a second too slow turns customers off. One mobile app user survey found that 80 percent of app users retry a slow-loading app only three times or less. Thirty-six percent said that an app with performance issues dropped their opinion of that company like a rock.

But how do you consistently deliver that rapid-fire response to users when they tap on your icon? And when an issue pops up, how do you fix it before it affects and potentially alienates whole swaths of your audience? It’s a tough balancing act between delivering rich content and letting players enjoy the your content without a painful loading screen.

In our latest VB Live event, Stewart Rogers, director of marketing technology at VentureBeat, will  take a deep dive into the best practices for reducing load times across both the mobile web and apps. He’ll look at screen load micro-data, how slow load times are killing publishers in the mobile arena, and more.

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In this VB Live event, you’ll:

  • Identify the best practices for optimizing load times for games with rich content
  • Find out the risks are if you fail to optimize load times, including the dangers associated with global reach
  • Discover what to do first, and which technologies can help you get there quicker


  • David Holtkamp, CEO, Crimson Moon
  • Jonathan Meson, CEO, VisualBlasters
  • Martín Domínguez, CIO at Etermax
  • Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat

This VB Live event is sponsored by Akamai.