You won’t have to wait until September to see if Destiny 2 improves upon the original.

Bungie gave the world its first good look at the sequel to its online shooter during a streamed event today that showed off gamplay and introduced new features like clans. But the developer also revealed that gamers will get to try Destiny 2 for free in beta form this summer ahead of its September 8 launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Bungie did not give a specific date.

This will give the 30 million registered players of the original Destiny a chance to check out the sequel and its improvements. Of course, it could also attract people new to the franchise. This is especially true for PC gamers, since the first Destiny wasn’t available on that platform. Destiny 2 will be playable on PC via Blizzard’s launcher.

Betas also help developers test a game before release. Actually, that’s supposed to be their prime function, but they’ve also become a huge tool in the modern gaming marketing plan. People get excited to try a new game for free, potentially spreading buzz that can translate into sales.

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