Overwatch’s heroes are getting some fancy new locales to kill each other at.

Blizzard revealed today on the team-based shooter’s Twitter that three new Arena maps are coming May 23 as part of Overwatch’s first anniversary celebration. Arena maps host 3-vs.-3 battles, while Overwatch’s standard levels support 6-on-6 matches. New content like this can keep the game’s 30 million players engaged.

You can see three new maps in the tweet. Right now, Overwatch only has one Arena map, Ecopoint: Antarctica. You can only play these maps in Arcade mode, which features different ways to play Overwatch aside from the regular 6-vs.-6 games. These include things like elimination matches (no respawning) and even silly seasonal events like a snowball fight during winter. You won’t see people playing these kinds of games at big esports events, but they add variety. Plus, you can earn extra loot boxes every week if you win enough Arcade matches.

The Arena stages look like a new take on Dorado (a regular map from Overwatch), the hacker Sombra’s lair, and some sort of overgrown temple.

The anniversary event will go on until June 12. While Blizzard hasn’t given a ton of details about it yet, the addition of these levels could mean that we’ll see more 3-vs.-3 content coming to Overwatch.