Sega made its name with its slogan for the beloved console: Genesis does what Nintendon’t. This still applies today, as the Japanese publisher has transformed from a console focus to a PC gaming-first company.

And the results have been a positive for those who love playing games on the PC, especially when it comes to action and strategy games (such as Alien: Isolation from Creative Assembly or Company of Heroes). And now, Sega says it plans to focus even more on the PC than it has ever before.

We’ve seen this with its past announcements on Bayonetta and Vanquish, a pair of properties that are cult favorites for the console crowd. Sega also signaled this with last year’s acquisition of Amplitude Studios, the makers of the Endless series of strategy games.

But now the Japanese publisher is saying that it wants to dig into its massive collection of old IPs to see what could adapt to the modern era. We looked at five franchises that could make a comeback with this renewed focus on the PC sector.

The strength of PC gaming these days is exciting, but there’s another component here at play as well. As more people in the developing world look beyond their smartphones for games, they aren’t going to the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. They’re going PC.

And Sega plans to go with them.

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—Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

P.S. Expeditions: Vikings is the rare game where failure is a path for advancement.

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