Xbox One and Nintendo gamers are going to miss out on Cliff Bleszinski’s new game — at least at launch.

LawBreakers, a new character-based shooter (think Overwatch), is going to launch on both PC and Sony’s PlayStation 4 later this year. It doesn’t have an official release date, but it is currently in beta testing on PC and it should get a test on PS4 as well. But what about Xbox One or Nintendo Switch? Well, the studio is not actively working to bring LawBreakers to Xbox or Switch alongside the PC/PS4 releases. When asked if that was something that could eventually happen, the Gears of War designer and cofounder of Boss Key Productions didn’t commit to anything.

“Anything’s possible,” said Bleszinski.

As for why Boss Key chose PlayStation 4 over Microsoft’s or Nintendo’s machines, the company had a simple answer.

“We liked PlayStation best at that point in time,” Boss Key chief operating officer Arjan Brussee said. “And we had great conversations with Sony.”

Brussee explained that the PS4 and PC are enough to keep the Boss Key team busy

“We needed to focus,” he said. ” We can’t do everything at the same time. We’re not Call of Duty, with a five studios and a thousand people. So, yeah, we just focused on PlayStation 4. And PlayStation 4 has a lot of different configurations. It’s almost like mini PCs with different versions, specs, and resolutions. So, already, PlayStation 4 is not just PS4 — it’s Pro as well. It’s not simple.”

And that amount of work on top of ensuring the PC and PS4 versions launch at the same time is already taxing Boss Key enough.

“We’re a small studio,” said Bleszinski. “We have 65 people, and they work hard around here.”

And the studio wants to put maximize their efforts, so — for now — that means no Xbox One or Switch versions of Lawbreakers.