Sledgehammer Games unveiled more details about the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII during a livestream today on Facebook.

Speaking on “Making Call of Duty,” senior creative director Bret Robbins answered questions from gamers about what the game will include when it debuts on the consoles and the PC in November. Asked whether it would include scenes from The Battle of the Bulge, Robbins said yes.

Call of Duty: WWII promises to be an unflinching portrait of the combat experience of the last world war, as a squad of soldiers witness in the fabled U.S. Army’s 1st Infantry Division, or the Fighting First. Activision and Sledgehammer have already revealed that the game will involve scenes such as the landing at Omaha Beach during the invasion of Normandy, as well as the battle of the Hürtgen Forest in Germany.

“It was a huge battle,” said Robbins, referring to The Battle of the Bulge, when Germany tried its last bid at an offensive in the West in 1944. “We had to include it.”

He also said the game will have bloody scenes, as the intent is to “show what war was really like.” But he declined to say whether you’ll be able to play as Axis soldiers in the single-player campaign. (We already know that you’ll be able to play as Germans in multiplayer). He said they would leave that one a “mystery” for now.

Above: Alison Haislip quizzes Bret Robbins of Sledgehammer Games.

Image Credit: Activision

Sledgehammer cofounder Glen Schofield said previously that the game would recognize the humanity on both sides.

“We also make a distinction between the SS and the German regular army. We have a moment in the game, an important moment, where a German soldier helps you. Later on you’re trying to rescue a German family, a mother and her daughters. You don’t want to see them hurt. There’s a humanity that we read about a lot that we wanted to get in there. We didn’t want to portray people purely as monsters,” Schofield said.

Asked if the game would have “health regeneration,” a common thing in video games that isn’t very realistic, Robbins also declined to answer.

Host Alison Haislip held the event at Sledgehammer’s motion-capture studio, where 60 cameras captured the movements of actors such as Jeffrey Pierce, who played First Lieutenant Joseph Turner in the game. The actors spent more than 18 months shooting scenes that the animators turned into animated sequences in the game.