Starting today, Microsoft’s new gaming subscription service Xbox Game Pass will be available to all Live Gold members though all other users will have to wait until June 1. Subscribing provides over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games for a monthly fee of $10.

With the Xbox Game Pass, subscribers will be able to download classics like the Mega Man Legacy Collection and Streets of Rage as well as more recent hits like NBA 2K16, all three Gears of War, and the BioShock games. Indies such as Terraria and Knight Squad will also available.

The pricing of Xbox Game Pass is competitive with PlayStation Plus, which is also $10 per month. Sony has credited a large chunk of the $3.2 billion revenue from the third quarter of fiscal year 2016 to their subscription service. Though both are subscription services, unlike PlayStation Plus which offers six featured games per month, Xbox Game Pass will offer unlimited access. Once a subscriber downloads a game, that title will be available for 30 days of offline play and can be permanently purchased at a discount.

The service will launch with an initial library of available games, but each month, Xbox plans on adding new games to its subscription catalog and notes that these will all be backward-compatible. Upon launching, the service will be limited to 31 markets with hopes of expanding in the future.

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