There’s a subscription service for everything these days, and GameMine thinks mobile games should get in on the action. The publisher just closed a $20 million Series A round that Palisades Venture Capital led, and it’s hoping to carve out a space in this huge market with its subscription-based library of casual mobile games.

In 2016, $24.8 billion of mobile games revenue was generated in Asia, over half of the $40.6 billion market worldwide. With so much profit to be had, mobile is flooded with games. According to Pocket Gamer, nearly 3,000 games are submitted to the Apple App Store per month. Though there are huge successes such as Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, which helped generate $2.3 billion last year for developer Supercell, discoverability and monetization are still top-of-mind for most developers as they jostle for the top of the charts.

GameMine is hoping to solve these issues with its curated subscription model by providing “diverse, subscription-based selection of ad-free mobile games,” according to CEO Daniel Starr.

The Los Angeles-based startup is small but has a growing footprint; its service is currently available in 135 countries and reports 3.5 million active users. Subscribers have access to over 100 games through their library, which will soon have 70 more through licensing deals. Their games run the gamut of genres, from multiplayer online battle arenas like League of Battle to one of their most popular titles, Night Racer, a racing game.

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