Sonic Mania isn’t the only thing dashing full speed ahead at Sega. Despite the departure of chief operating officer and president Jurgen Post last week, Sega Europe is pushing forward in prioritizing the PC market with its newest partner, Two Point Studios.

Two Point founders Gary Carr and Mark Webley have a storied history in the game industry. Carr was previously the creative director at Lionhead Studios, which Webley co-founded, and both have worked on iconic games such as Black and White and Fable. To tackle their newest project, they’ve assembled a team comprised of vets from Lionhead, Bullfrog Productions (Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper) and Mucky Foot Productions (Urban Chaos, Startopia). What exactly they’ll be working on with Sega has yet to be announced.

In a presentation earlier this month, Sega emphasized its commitment to its existing IPs as well as developing new IPs. Expanding its presence on PC is also a pivotal part of its roadmap moving forward, something that Post helped facilitate by overseeing the acquisitions of Relic Entertainment and Amplitude Studios. Earlier this year, Amplitude released Endless Space 2, a PC strategy game that’s received favorable reviews.

According to market research SuperData, the digital games market has grown 9 percent year-over-year to reach $7.7 billion in sales. PC contributes greatly to that revenue, which explains why most Japanese publishers have been publishing their titles for PC as well as consoles. Capcom, for instance, released Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Street Fighter V for Windows alongside their PlayStation 4 launches, and Namco will be releasing Tekken 7 for Windows later this year in June.

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