Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy Studios is like an onion. It has layers. And one of those layers is working on a new game.

Extinction is the next big project from Iron Galaxy and publisher Maximum Games. It is an action-adventure that puts players in the role of one of the last powerful defenders who must protect a population of everyday humans from violent, attacking giants. That is a similar setup to the Japanese animated show Attack on Titan, or at least that’s what nerds are always telling me — I’ve never seen it. But in Extinction, instead of killing large nude giants, you take on giant green ogres like the one from Shrek — which is a cool movie I’ve seen like 50 times. Extinction is due out in 2018 for PC as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Iron Galaxy and Maximum dropped an announcement trailer today and launched the official website. In the video, you can see a Tom Hardy-looking dude taking on flying goblins with a sword before wallrunning, parkouring, and swinging over to the ogre. The green monster, which is several stories tall, doesn’t seem to have Mike Myers’ Scottish accent, but it does have the ability to regrow his arm after the hero chops it off.

The final product will have combat similar to the action in the trailer, according to the developer. Iron Galaxy is promising “skill-based combat” with lots of horizontal and vertical locomotion options. Movement is clearly a focus of Extinction’s combat (another thing it has in common with Attack on Titan). The game will also have a full story campaign with optional side missions that enable you to upgrade your character. But the game’s creators want it to thrive beyond a straight single-player experience. To accomplish that, they are promising procedural battles that should give the player unlimited variety. Whether or not that succeeds will depend on how dynamic the combat is, and that’s something we’ll have to try for ourselves before judging.