Abylight Studios wants to turn the Nintendo Switch into a sculpting studio with Qbics Paint, a 3D modeling and sculpting game that’s slated for release later this year.

Abylight has experience developing casual games with an educational spin, such as Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard, which turns the Nintendo 3DS handheld into a virtual keyboard along with video tutorials for beginners. Its Music On series for the Nintendo DSi involves more gameplay, incorporating Guitar Hero-style scrolling notes for players to match.

For Qbics Paint, the studio received funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports in its native Spain.

“There is a longstanding tradition of creative products on Nintendo consoles: Mario Paint, Art Academy,” said CEO Eva Gaspar. “And Nintendo Switch is powerful enough and offered us the tools we needed in order to create something like Qbics Paint.” Gaspar also cited the portability and social aspects of the Switch as benefits, enabling players to share their creations and take the game on the go.

In Qbics Paint, players interact with 3D blocks via the Switch’s touchscreen to carve out their own sculptures, paint them using a 24-color palette, and customize the background from a library of stock photos. It also has 50 models to unlock, which come packaged with themes such as “farm animals.”