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Monument Valley 2 just showed up out of nowhere during Apple’s presentation today. And you can download it for your iOS device now.

Apple was showing off a redesigned App Store today during a livestream from its WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) event in San Jose. And the first app we saw was Monument Valley 2, a sequel to the hit 2014 mobile maze game. It is available now for $5 on the Apple App Store. The first Monument Valley, a premium game, had more than 26 million times.

Nine million of those downloads were on iOS, according to research firm Sensor Tower. That’s not as high as the top paid game on iOS, Minecraft, which has over 30 million downloads. Angry Birds also had more. But it’s still a big success story for the Ustwo Games studio.

Monument Valley has players navigating a beautiful world while solving puzzles and navigating mazes. It saw a boost in popularity after it was featured on the third season of House of Cards, the the political drama starring Kevin Spacey. In the show, Spacey’s character plays video games as a hobby while plotting his way to the presidency of the United States.


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Monument Valley 2 looks similar to its predecessor, featuring an isometric camera angle and beautiful levels with vibrant colors.

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