Battleborn had the misfortune of coming out around the same time as Overwatch. A new payment model could finally help 2K’s team shooter stand out.

Gearbox announced today the studio’s Battleborn is getting a free-to-play option. This will bring more players to the game, which came out last May for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

2K published Battleborn a bit before Overwatch, Blizzard’s team-based shooter that became a huge hit and has more than 30 million players. GamesBeat said it buried its potential in our review. While Battleborn and Overwatch have their differences, they’re both team-based shooters that feature a cast of cartoon-like heroes. Overwatch’s soaring success overshadowed Battleborn.

The Battleborn Free Trial gives players access to unlimited multiplayer matches (so it’s not really much a “trial”) in all of its competitive modes. You’ll have access to a rotating roster of six heroes, but you can permanently unlock one of Battleborn’s 30 characters using in-game money or hard currency. This is a similar system used by MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arenas) like League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm.

You can still upgrade to the full version of the game, which includes all heroes and story-based campaigns.

Battleborn has MOBA-like qualities of its own. While it plays from a first-person perspective, characters level up during play and earn cash during battle that they can use during the match.

Most MOBAs launch as free-to-play games, but Battleborn tried it out as a paid product. Now that it’s finally becoming free, it could bring a second life to the shooter.