Bubsy, a forgotten B-lister from gaming’s past, is returning for some reason or another. Probably because we’re bad people and we deserve it.

Accolade announced today that Bubsy is coming back in a new game, The Woolies Strike Back. The 2D platformer is releasing for PlayStation 4 and Steam this fall. This is the first new Bubsy game to come out since Bubsy 3D in 1996, a title that many consider to be one of the worst games of all time.

Before that, Bubsy starred in a series of side-scrollers for the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and even Atari Jaguar. These games were fine. Bubsy was a generic Sonic the Hedgehog wannabe with decent platforming mechanics, but it never stood out as special. He was also prone to spouting out annoying, unfunny catchphrases and one-liners. He came from a time when the success of kid-friendly mascots like Mario and Sonic attracted dozens of clones, all hoping to launch their own franchises (with plenty of merchandise and cartoons) but more often just gave us mediocre games..

Bubsy 3D, however, was a disaster. The early 3D platformer had a wonky camera, awkward controls, and confusing, bland levels. The new game is going back to mercifully going back to 2D. Still, does the world really need more Bubsy? Well, let’s see what Accolade has to say about the new game:

“Bubsy the Woolies Strike Back is an all new Bubsy adventure featuring Bubsy in a bevy of exotic locations as he travels the planet looking for the beloved Golden Fleece.”

It’s good to know that this Bubsy adventure is featuring Bubsy.

“Bubsy must use all of his classic moves and a few new ones to dodge and out bobcat a battalion of Woolies, not mention the gnarliest UFO bosses to ever grace a Bubsy adventure.”

Whoa, gnarly UFO bosses? Sounds radical. Totally cool, dudes.

“The wisecracking lynx also adds over a 100 new one liners to his lexicon to keep fans guessing what he’ll say next. ”

Oh, god, no.