Microsoft Edge, working with Cortana, may soon be able to unearth lower prices on shopping websites. The pilot feature being rolled out starting today for the Windows 10 Creators Update will initially deliver price checks for 14 business including Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot.

Cortana on Edge can already do things like deliver coupons or carry out image searches for products. Like other features to help people shop, the price check can be seen by clicking the Cortana notifications icon in the address bar, Microsoft program manager Dheeraj Mehta said in a blog post today.

The new feature for Cortana in Edge is one in a series of recent developments in what has been some of the most impactful weeks ever for payments with intelligent assistants like Cortana and Google Assistant.

Today Apple launched Business Chat, a service that lets businesses chat with customers and carry out purchases. Apple Pay for iMessage will be part of iOS 11 scheduled out this fall, and Siri will be able to share more information about personal finances and scan QR codes.

Last month, both Microsoft and Google brought the ability to make payments to Cortana and Google Assistant voice apps.

At F8, Facebook welcomed bots from Western Union, MoneyGram, and MasterGram to go alongside a Payments beta that launched last fall. Like iOS will bring to iPhones this fall, the native Messenger camera can now scan QR codes.

Amazon brought shopping in the Amazon marketplace to the Alexa experience in July, while the Google Assistant introduced Google Express shopping with more than 50 brands in March.