Artists and designers are taking the majority of gaming-related jobs, according to LinkedIn.

The professional social site released a study on its users discovering the most popular jobs in the gaming industry. It gathered info from the 771,000 gaming professionals (which counts anyone that has at least on gaming-related skill listed on their profile) that use LinkedIn. Of them, most of them work in the arts and design spaces in gaming, with 29 percent of the 771,000 working in those fields.

Engineering was No. 2 with with 16 percent. Operations takes the No. 3 spot with 8 percent. So, if your you’re working toward a degree in the arts and your parents or friends ask you how you expect to find a job after college, you can point them to the gaming industry. Companies use artists and designers for preproduction, helping to establish the look and feel of a game, its characters, and its worlds through drawings, paintings, and more. Artists also help create the assets used in the final game.

Software engineer, meanwhile, is the most common job title for gaming professionals on LinkedIn. Over 30,000 of the 771,000 have that title. Owner is at the No. 2 spot, just under 20,000. Chief executive officer is No. 3. While most companies only have one CEO, many claim that title for their own small, independent studios.

Oddly, a non-gaming firm has hired the most people with gaming-related skills on LinkedIn. That would be Moving Picture Company (MPC), a visual effects company with studios across the world, including New York City, Montreal, Shanghai, and Paris. Microsoft follows at second, while Ubisoft is in third.